The 2017 CES Event Reveals Technologies that Make Homes Smarter

The massive number of people have rushed to the Las Vegas, Nevada last week for the 50th edition of CES. It is the world’s biggest platform for showcasing latest consumer electronic products. This year, the show displayed range of “smart home” devices.

“Smart home” technologies are designed to simplify daily tasks that involve the use of home appliances. The technology allows computers to access various home appliances. For instance, a doorbell being one of the basic devices that are rapidly being digitalized and are made smarter with computerized control system.  These latest models of doorbells are capable of notifying users about people at their doorstep even if they are not at home. Moreover, such devices allow users to communicate with visitors from remote locations.

One of the most important features of smart technology is that it enables users to keep a watch on their home from anywhere around the globe. Such technologies can enable homeowners to keep a check on their pets when they are out or at work.

An electronics manufacturer unveiled a device that enables homeowners to see and interact with pets when they are away. Petcube launched a device that lets users remotely watch and talk to their pets by using a personal device. As per company official, the device can even offer food to the pets if users approve and or commands it.

A smart thermostat has been launched capable of sending messages in case of any severe weather catastrophe. While, a device from Apple can turn your iPhone into a remote for controlling electric fireplace. In addition, such devices can be controlled from remote locations and also assist users when they are at home. Devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Echo come with a voice command interface.

Technology developers are also ensuring complete security of such smart home devices as many homeowners point out the possibility of access override. Some of these technologies were already available in the market prior to their display at CES.

Summary: Technologies that can make home life easier for homeowners

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