2017 looks Promising Smartphone Makers

Last year, the smartphone industry had a decent run.  Innovation was one of the key drivers that reflected vividly in sales and revenue figures. However, the year wasn’t without bumps, which were felt by market heavyweights including Apple, Samsung and Google. The second half of 2016 was relatively more exciting for the industry with late launches from Google, iPhone and few other companies.

Some experts believe that market grew healthily during August to December last year. In addition, two of the biggest competitors Apple and Samsung battled it out for the top spot with the prior finishing first. It is expected that both the companies will continue to contest entering 2017. Generally, sales figures are what experts look into, based on which the leadership is determined. These statistics are calculated on a quarterly basis. In the third quarter of last year, Samsung accounted for a dominant share of the market, followed by Apple.

The launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 brought in the concept of a smartphone. Apart from making calls and messages the phone had an advanced operating system that could easily access the internet and guide users in their daily tasks. It was a major breakthrough for the mobile phone industry, which made Apple the global leader of the smartphone market. However, the launch of Google’s Android OS completely changed the dynamics of the global smartphone market.   Android phones currently account for nearly 90% share of the overall smartphone market.

Recently, Apple Inc. recorded the third consecutive quarterly declines which have resulted in a significant drop in overall market share. Industry insiders believe that the smartphone market will soon see an uptick owing to an overwhelming acceleration of Chinese smartphones market. In domestic fronts, the market in China has witnessed a rise in sales in recent months.

The major setbacks for consumers last year appeared to be with data security. This year manufacturers will be focusing on developing better data security solutions that are expected to drive the market forward.  The market in China will display a contrasting behavior as compared to the market in the West

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Summary: The smartphone market is projected to grow steadily in 2017

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