21 Volunteers are Still Arrested by Israel

21 Volunteers are Still Arrested by Israel

21 volunteers who tried to get through Israel blockade to Gaza line recently are still arrested by Israel Security Officers and they haven’t been deported.

“There are 21 volunteers joined Support Group, rejected to be returned home. After investigation over, they would be deported,” said spokesman of Israel Domestic Department, Sabine Haddad.

21 Volunteers are Still Arrested by Israel

Previously, Israel stopped two Aid-Ships for Gaza and arrested 27 people. Israel has released six other people who were Israel citizens, two Greek people, and three journalists came from Egypt, Spain, and US.

Meanwhile, 21 people arrested by Israel are Australian, English, Canadian, Ireland, and US. Until now, there’s still no further news about 21 volunteers condition.

According to Israel, both ships entered their waters region and also ignored Israel military warning. This volunteers captured also received criticism from people in Gaza.

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