5,800 people died in Syria in 2011 while opposing government

An activist group opposing the Syrian government has claimed that greater than 5,800 natives inclusive of 395 children have died in the year 2011 following crackdown by the government on protestors in the country.

Local Coordination Committee has put the total death figure at 5,862 in which it claims are 287 prisoners, who have died from torture. The killed people also include 146 women and 19 doctors.  LCC is equipped with a huge contact network across Syria.

President of Syria, Bassar al-Assad had started a strong crackdown on protestors, who were demanding the ouster of the present government. These protestors have been dubbed as groups of armed terrorists by the government, when has blamed them for all the violence that has taken place during this uprising.

CNN does not have the resources to independently verify the claims of both the government and the opposition. This is because the access of international journalists to the country has been restricted by President al-Assad.

In other developments, two major opposition groups in Syria have struck a deal, which is going to help design a democratic course for the country, providing there is a crumbling of the regime of President al-Assad.

A resolution signed at Cairo late on Friday by the two opposition parties’ talks of a transition phase that is going to take place after the regime is taken over from President Bassar al-Assad.

There has been death of at least 13 people in a crackdown on an opposition rallies across the countries. The coming together of the political parties is being viewed as signs of strengthening and maturity of the forces opposed to the regime of President al-Assad. The aim of this is not only to give birth to an effectively functioning opposition but also to get support from foreign countries in order to build a strong democracy in Syria.

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