700 Earthquake Shook El Salvador in 24 Hours

700 Earthquake Shook El Salvador in 24 Hours

More than 700 light and moderate earthquake shook a region in East El Salvador in 24 hours, so it damaged dozens of houses, but it doesn’t injure anyone.

700 Earthquake Shook El Salvador in 24 Hours

The short earthquakes, which started in Thursday (24/11/2011) and about 1.8 to 4.6 Richter scale power, happened in El Carmen municipality, about 163 kilometers east of San Salvador Capital, said National Territorial Institution of the country.

Jorge Melendez, who lead civil protection said, Friday (25/11/2011), that 80 houses have been broken caused by those earthquakes. A hospital in the region showed crack in its wall, but there’s no further damage in its building, he said.
Military has been sent to monitor damaged places. Meanwhile, the government has not ordered evacuation. Many people in El Carmen opted to sleep in open place, and military has shared tents.

El Salvador has suffered two strong earthquake recently, earthquake with 7.6 SR power in January 2001 and other earthquake with 6.6 SR a month later. Two earthquake killed 1.150 people and caused about one million other people have no house.

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