9/11 Debate: WTC Collapse

As the second series of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ airs tonight, a new debate regarding the unanswered questions about the 9/11 attacks will begin after the former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura began a heated discussion on national television yesterday about the WTC collapse.

It was on Eric Bolling’s, “Follow The Money”, that Ventura raised the questions about the WTC collapse which have still not been explained by the government. Ventura appeared on the Fox Business News show to promote the second series of his extremely popular ‘Conspiracy Theory.’ Conspiracy Theory will air on Tru TV tonight at 10pm.

During the interview, Bollingbegan a controversial discussion related to the WTC collapse.

“The Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened. Well 58,000 of my generation died over something that was a lie… this one’s a lie too,” Ventura fumingly said to Bolling during the interview.

The interview began simmering when Ventura defended the constitutional right for the construction of an Islamic mosque at ground zero in New York, a place adjacent to where 9-years ago, the WTC collapse took place.

Bolling retorted back to Ventura’s statement by saying, “3000 people died there on 9/11″.

Ventura responded, “And who really killed them? WHO REALLY KILLED THEM?”

“How can you go there?” Bolling replied.

Ventura then pulled an image from his pocket what showed the buildings during the WTC collapse.

“You tell me, is that a building collapsing or a building exploding?” Ventura answered.

Bolling counteracted with “I watched the airplane fly into the tower..are you trying to tell me that didn’t happen?”

But Ventura stayed firm on his stance and discharged the belief.

“I watched it too”, he said before initiating evidence of the WTC collapse on the historical context of government subsidizing terrorism as an excuse for war and invasion of the countries.

The ex-Navy SEAL and retired pro-wrestler Ventura then gave a teaser to his viewers about the new series of Conspiracy Theory. He said there will be a visual, audible and written confession of the JFK assassination on network television for the first time.