“Alien’s Body” Stored in Refrigerator

"Alien’s Body" Stored in Refrigerator

A woman in Russia created a commotion among scientists in the country. The woman confessed that she stored unique creature’s body which was similar to Alien in refrigerator.

Marta Yegorovnam claimed that the strange creature was found two years ago in a place which caused a huge explosion in her house at Petrozavodsk, west Russia. When she heard the sound, she suddenly came out from the house and run near the sources.

When she arrived on the location, Marta confessed that he found burning ruins also messed and hot metal. She also saw alien’s body in the ruins.

"Alien’s Body" Stored in Refrigerator

Since she want to keep the alien’s condition, Marta then preserved the body by wrapped it into plastic and then put it into freezer’s refrigerator.

Marta’s finding not made other people trust it immediately. Some said that the package is only rotten vegetables. Although so, scientist from Karelian Science Academy in Petrozavodsk felt curious and wanted to investigate Marta’s story.

UFO observer, Michael Cohen, said that Russia is nest for space objects activity. He also believed that Alien’s ship probably caught by military institution or local private parties.

“It can be a trick, but there’s a possibility that the creature is real alien, it shouldn’t be ignored. In all possibility, creature will be seen strange for us, just like this specimen,” said Cohen.

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