Americans Threatened By Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome concerns with some risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. It includes high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, low cholesterol and high triglycerides.

According to Dr. Gary Ligiouri, a researcher, who is an assistant professor of health, nutrition and exercise at North Dakota State University in Fargo, this rise in metabolic syndrome can cause increase in type 2 diabetes.

Research carried out from 1999 to 2006 shows that there is an increment by 4% in US adults of metabolic syndrome compared to the same research from 1988 to 1994. Earlier it was 29% but rises to 33% in the later research.

Study also found that the rate most notably increased in syndrome was carried out in young women, white or black. Although there was an increment in men as well but not as drastic as was in women and not focusing on a single age group. In general, the increase in metabolic syndrome was due to high blood pressure and belly fat (abdominal obesity).

Mexican Americans, who are generally well-shaped, weren’t seen with any major climb in percentage with the syndrome.

Ligiouri told that the finding of that research was mainly to maintain a healthy life style with maintained weight, which is a result of balanced diet and regular exercise.

Ligiouri also asserts that there is a need to take a closer look on the childhood obesity. He said reports showed the increasing rates of syndromes are caused by the obesity, began to rise in 1980.

Limiting kids watching TV, improvement in quality of food sold in schools and promotion of outdoor activities are few of the measures to be taken in account to prevent childhood obesity.

The study published in a journal, Diabetic Care, which last year reported that by 2034, diabetic patients may double in U.S.