Antibodies Market to Witness a Rise of US$ 341,373.6 Mn by 2026

Antibodies Market
Antibodies Market

High rate of product approvals, combined with rising adoption of therapeutic antibodies in developing economies is positively influencing the growth of the global antibodies market, with total revenues expected to surpass US$ 105 Bn in 2016. Approval of monoclonal antibody products, including therapeutic antibodies, drug conjugates, and antibody fragments in key markets of the U.S., Europe, and Japan have bolstered the growth of the global antibodies market. Availability of inexpensive biosimilar antibody therapeutics is also bolstering the growth of the antibody market.

While the short- and long-term outlook on the global antibodies market remains positive, side effects associated with antibody treatment and failure of investigational drugs in late stages of development can pose challenges to widespread adoption. Administration of antibodies has been linked to serum sickness and acute anaphylaxis, posing challenges to widespread adoption.

By drug type, monoclonal antibodies will continue to dominate demand, accounting for nearly 95% share of the market in 2016. Of the US$ 105 Bn worth of antibodies therapeutics expected to be sold in 2016, monoclonal antibodies will account for US$ 99.81 Bn. Polyclonal antibodies and antibody-drug complexes will represent minority share of the global market.

North America will continue to remain the largest market in the global antibodies market, accounting for nearly 44% revenue share of the market in 2016. In the U.S. therapeutic antibody products are subject to submission of biologics licence application (BLA), whereas in Canada, Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate (BGTD) governs the approval of biological products. The U.S. accounts for the majority revenue share of the North America antibodies market, and will witness a higher growth rate than Canada.

In addition to North America, Western Europe and APEJ will continue to remain the other top markets for antibodies. While the U.K., Germany, and France will remain the top 3 markets in Western Europe, demand for antibodies in APEJ will remain largely concentrated in China, India, and ASEAN.

Hoffmann-La Roche AG, AbbVie Inc., and Johnson & Johnson will maintain their position as the top 3 players in the global antibodies market. These 3 players collectively account for nearly 57% revenue share of the global antibodies market. Herceptin, Avastin (Roche), Humira (AbbVie), and Remicade (J&J) are the blockbuster drugs in the global antibodies market. Other key players in the market are Amgen Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Biogen Inc., Merck & Co, and Novartis. Gaining product approvals from EU and FDA and strengthening collaborations with distribution partners remains a key strategy for leading players in the global antibodies market.

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