AS Monitored Kim Jong-Il’s Death News

AS Monitored Kim Jong-Il’s Death News

US, Sunday (18/12/2011) local time, “monitored” report about the death of North Korea Leader, Kim Jong Il. US said, their party has commitment for stability in Korea peninsula and their allies’ security.

AS Monitored Kim Jong-Il’s Death News

Kim’s death, which was announced by North Korea official media, caused great foreign policy crisis and anxiety for Washington and their allies. “We keep monitoring in detail all reports that Kim Jong Il has passed away,” said White House spokesman, Jay Carney, in a careful statement. “President (Barack Obama) has been told, and we still closely contact our allies in South Korea and Japan. We still have commitment in Korea Peninsula stability and also our allies’ freedom and security.”

US State Department officer said, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been told about Kim’s death in Sunday night local time. US officers rejected to comment further about US responses about Kim’s death or geopolitical implication of the death.

US officers have long acknowledged that Kim – who ruled in cruelness tyranny and tied his own people by cult himself – had been ill. US also knew that transition happened in Pyongyang, but in personal, they have declared their concerned about Kim’s replacement, who is his third son, named Kim Jong-Un. US Officers admitted that their knowledge about the next ruler in isolated Stalinist Country is so limited.

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