Augmenting Geriatric Population and Rising incidents of Injuries to Propel the Growth of Global Wheelchair and Components Market

There has been a tremendous rise in accidents and injuries leading to severe wounds in the past few years. Wheelchairs have become prevalent owing to rising incidents of leg injuries and disabilities. In addition augmenting geriatric population has added to the demand for wheel chair and its components. Governments are focusing on funding programs and favorable initiatives for wheelchairs. Moreover, several innovations and developments in the wheelchair industry have driven the growth of the global wheelchair and components market. Immense advancements in composites production technology are further expected to boost the market growth in the near future.

Rising Demand for Ultra-lightweight Wheelchair to drive the Growth of Global Wheelchair and Components Market

A study by Persistence Market Research (PMR), states that the global market for wheelchair and components is projected to witness 3.5% CAGR during 2016 to 2026. Emergence of improved power capacities, multistage gearboxes, electronic control drivetrains and artificial intelligence are expected to cater to the disabled patients’ differentiating needs. The market is witnessing a rise in demand for ultra-lightweight wheelchairs, attributed to introduction of engineering plastics and composite materials. Utilization of wireless devices, motor control software, sensors and other technologies are few among various wheelchair developments trending in the global wheelchair and components market.

Future Trends of Wheelchair and Components

The future of wheelchair seems promising owing to introduction of new concept wheelchair designs, where technology plays an indispensable role. Focusing on the appearance and necessities of disabled community, Inventors are looking forward in providing convenience and meeting the lifestyle of users. Following are some futuristic concepts of wheelchair designs that are expected to be highly beneficial for the disabled community in the near future, enriching daily life through innovation and technology.

  • Wheelchair with Two Seats– Research has revealed the capability of several wheelchair users in maneuvering around obstacles, but the way people see them and the wheelchair bothers them. Alexandre Pain has tackled this problem by developing a wheelchair with great appearance and ability to accommodate an able-bodied passenger. This has resulted in provision of a vibrant, sporty wheelchair, deviating from the contemporary counterparts.
  • Wheelchair with Shape Shifting Feature– Created to adapt situations, this futuristic wheelchair changes the center of gravity, enabling users to overcome obstacles or barriers by just a vertical pressure on handle bar. This results in shape change of the round wheel into an elliptical one rendering daily obstacles almost non-existent for users.
  • Sprightly Wheelchairs– A wheelchair design concept, the Lawrence Kwok Nimbl, has a pleasing appearance and is made of carbon fiber. Specially created for home use, this wheelchair allows for smooth ride, is highly adjustable and user-friendly.
  • Ergonomic Wheelchairs– Hospital staff and caretakers come across one of the difficult tasks, transferring patients from bed to wheelchair. Designed for frequent transfers, the IX Transfer System wheelchair design eliminates risk of back injuries for nurses and caretakers. This design allows patients to ride wheelchairs backwards, with a lifting feature to lift the patient & set them down.
  • Sessio Wheelchair– Designed by Josh Waite, this wheelchair utilizes the technology of gyroscope, as in segways, for controlling and balancing the wheelchair. With five gyroscopic sensors keeping wheelchair upright and working, the Sessio wheelchair is sleek & sophisticated, and is created with aluminum sheet and steel, possessing a hubless accessible seat that is easy to control and adjust.

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