Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd resigns from his post

It is very interesting to note that the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs has quit from his current coveted post. This occurrence, he says, is due to the fact that he would not be able to proceed any further without the prime minister’s support. He said that he would want to spend some time with his family and friends and then decide as to what would be his final decisions on this issue.

Early in October 2010, something happened which Rudd feels was not right. This was when he was ousted from the post of Prime Minister. He said that the person chosen by the people should not be changed by any means. He said that was a mistake and did not want it to happen again. He was now confused as to what to do further. He said he was thinking if he could challenge Ms. Gillard for the Prime Minister’s post now. With all these things happening in a very dramatic way, things seem to appear like any soap opera to the public. The people of Australia say that the government rather than doing the real work they have to do are creating issues on smaller things, which do not have much to show. The government feels that both of them should go.

The newspapers went out sending messages of this sort. They said that the prime minister knew that she had the support of the MPs in the Labor party and that she would win in case of a ballot. That is why she was calling in for a ballot on Tuesday. This way she would win all the votes, and he could be removed from the post of the foreign minister. The family of Rudd is very much supportive of him. When he had given his resignation, his daughter had tweeted telling that she was proud of him. The same happened with his wife.

Though there are so many speculations about the current scenario, Rudd still remains the favorite leader among the public for the post of the prime minister. Most of the people prefer him over Galliard. This was similar to the scenario when he was very much sought after figure in the 2007 elections for the same post. The same may happen in the next elections that are scheduled to be in the year 2013.

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