Australian Tourist Died, stabbed by Elephant


An Australian tourist died stabbed by Pigmi type (small) elephant in Animal Conservation in Sabah, Malaysia, Sydney Morning Herald reported, Thursday (8/12/2011).


Incident which was happened to Jenna O’Grady Donley (26), a veterinarian lives in Sydney, happened in Wednesday (7/12/2011), as reported by Malaysian newspaper. The wild elephant allegedly attacked since disturbed by sounds and camera’s flashlight.

According to Tabin Animal Conservation director, Laurentius Ambu, the elephant was roaming around when Donly, one of her friend and a guide from Malaysia saw it. At that time, they were going back to the inn after exploring the region.
Donley was believed just 10 meter far from the wild animal. The elephant chased Donly, probably caused by human voice which it didn’t use to hear, explained Ambu to AP News Office.

The rangers didn’t see the animal, but they planned to bring it back to the forest, he continued.

According to some witnesses, Donley had no chance to save her life when the elephant attacked. The elephant’s ivory stabbed her and she died in the place. Meanwhile, her friend and the guide successfully saved themselves.

Pigmi type elephant, which only found in Kalimantan island, is a sub-species from Asian Elephant. This type of elephant is considered to be rare with only 2000 species left in Sabah state.

Mature Pigmi elephant’s height is 2.5 meter or 30 to 60 centimeters shorter than Asian elephant. Its body is rounder with more baby face look and long tail reaching the ground. Its attitude is also not as aggressive as Asian elephant.

Elephant which attacked Donley was believed in closely mature age with 2 meter height.

Ambu admit, elephant attack happened once or twice in Sabah, it happened when they got disturbed. But case such as Donley is the first one in Tabin.

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