Authors has a team of experienced writers. They are all unique with the variety of backgrounds and experience. But, they have one common aim – to bring you the latest, valuable, interesting news on daily basis.

Here is our team:

Aldiyar Kuandykov – Aldiyar is the managing director of Top News-Press. Along with holding the post of editor-in-chief, he also brings to you the main news in the Health area. He has been doing news reporting and working as the newscast producer for over a decade now. He sometimes does local radio shows on request.

Mazhar Abbas – Mazhar has been writing and reporting World news for years now. He also works as the editor when Aldiyar is not around. Mazhar’s expertise in contemporary news reporting is highly regarded by many notable personalities. Mazhar also writes on Business, especially International Business.

Alexandr Kohn – Alexandr is a phenomenal writer and also an energetic person. He is, in fact, a sports authority and had been in the field for over a decade now. He has also tried his luck as a sports commentator and fond to be exceptionally good at it.

Amanda Lee – Amanda Lee is a former stock market analyst and now works from her home as the consultant for stock market investors. She also has worked as credit officer with a large American bank which she prefers not to name here. She writes in the finance section at Top News Press

Tom Bridges – Tom is our auto expert. He loves driving around in his Mustang and has a liking for the automobile sector. Tom also writes for a few local dailies in his area, also in the automobile field.

Sheryll Dane Zamora – Sheryll loves to visit places, and especially loves vacations. She has been blogging on vacation locations and also on travel and holidays. Before that, Sheryll had worked for major travel agencies as an itinerary consultant. She now also works as a special consultant for the rich traveler’s and writes about the here experience in that topic on her new blog.

Ali Mohsin – Ali is our world news analyst. He writes on various other issues also but likes this segment the most. Ali had managed many news agencies and papers, and is well-known for his criticism on war atrocities and international terrorism.

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