Auto Type Found to Affect Insurance Rates

The type of car that a person decides to drive can have a big impact on the price of auto insurance coverage, according to

Much in the same way that insurers look at a driver’s history to assess the likelihood that he or she will file a claim — along with the projected severity of any claims — so to do they look at the histories of particular autos.

Recent studies have shown that the type of vehicle can influence the way that a person drives. One report by Quality Planning, for instance, showed that SUVs and mini-vans tended to have a low traffic-violation rate relative to other types of cars, with the supporting logic being that these type of vehicles may vary well be carrying younger passengers, leading the driver to be more cautious.

Of course, even though a report shows that a vehicle has a low violation rate or below-average claims-cost history, this doesn’t necessarily mean that an insurer will radically reduce the price of coverage. There are many other factors that come into play, and coverage providers base their rate calculations using complex formulas that involve their own internal data about particular cars.

To access’s full article on rate differences for cars and to get the answers to other common car insurance questions readers can go to where visitors will also be able to compare prices for coverage by using the free quote-comparison generator.


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