Backed by Amazon Cloud, Seven Bahraini Startups Expand to Europe

Seven Bahrain-based startups offering cloud services were recently enrolled as European seed investors during an event in London. A total of $10 million in funding was pitched by the companies. All the seven startups offer extended cloud-based services using advanced cloud infrastructure technology. For instance, one of the leading startups, Gulf CX, has developed a predictive analytics system which can essentially assist organization and businesses in offering better customer services and also anticipate future customer behavior using an advanced cloud computing infrastructure that is capable of recording each customer interaction.

The companies started out from the Cloud 10 accelerator program, which is a joint Bahrain-UK initiative centered in the Gulf country. The motive behind the initiative was to stimulate the digital business in the Middle East region. The Cloud 10 scalerator programme is well-supported by the government of Bahrain and falls under a skill development investment project called Tamkeen programme.  Amazon’s cloud computing business division played a big role in the event, as the tech giant was a key supporter for these startups — Amazon Web Services, Inc. is a technological solution associate for scalerator.

The authorities in charge of the project believe that this achievement is a milestone for Bahrain’s web service sector, which is expected to bring more business to the country. The achievement has brought in a lot of hope for the further growth of the IT industry in Bahrain. The authorities are optimistic and willing to extend their support to these startups. They further believe that IT (information technology) should be treated as an asset, which can lead businesses towards a progressive direction. Bahrain’s positive approach to developing the IT industry in the country is distinctly reflecting.

Summary: New IT ventures from the gulf region are making it big in the global market, thanks to support from tech giants such as, Inc.

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