Bad Weather Slows Tsunami Relief Efforts

On Friday, rescue crews struggled to reach to the tsunami hit Indonesian islands as the storms and lack of vessels made the helicopters and boats impossible to use for the region where at least 400 people have been killed by.

In addition, just a little over a hundred of kilometers away from this region, a volcano lying on the island Java killed 35 people within this week, and erupted five times more on Friday. Ash fumes and lava cascaded down its slopes.

Just four days since the tsunami since the Mentawai islands of Sumatra, hearts wept in sorrow and miseries of the terrifying moment were remembered by the survivors. The area was cut off due to the rough seas for at least 2 days after being hit by a 7.7-magnitude earthquake which brought in the killer wave.

Some surfers gave an account of their story, as they recalled huddling together and watching the horrific waves crossing a lagoon and slamming into a three-story resort. The strong wave made the building shake with an intense impact and they feared it would breakdown. The 27 people in the resort survived as most held on to trees around the area.

The surfers described noise and chaos around the area with the mix of water coming/ the second wave made people scream and pray for their lives.

The wave was reported to be nearly five meters high. Dozens have been reported injured by it, hospital reports showed. A newly orphaned boy who is two-months-old was amongst them. He was named Tegar (which means ‘tough’ in Indonesian).

The need for more doctors and specialists was called upon by the small region of Pagai Utara, which is one of the four main islands that were hit by the tsunami.

By Friday, the death toll rose to 408 in Indonesia. 303 people are still missing and feared swept by the ocean.