Beatles Songs Rank in iTunes Top 200

At last, the four prominent music figures are now included in the iTunes music library. Apple already settled old dispute of including Beatles, an announcement that has kept many waiting for long. It was just a couple of days when the group that rocked the 70’s was added but it has already made a hit on iTunes when it comes to revenues.

The songs of Beatles are spread in different ranks in the top 200 music listed in iTunes where” Here Comes the Sun “chartered at number 19. With the number of songs of the Beatles to occupy the chart top 200 only means that avid fans of Beatles are revived in iTunes along with the band and its music.

Individual songs of Beatles did not just hit iTunes but their studio albums that were released along with the songs were a big impact on iTunes music library.

Studio albums were released only last Tuesday on top of the band’s collections which are Past Masters and Red and Blue Collections. In fact, even positioned as number 38 in the chart of top 200 is Beatles lowest or most unpopular collection which is the “Beatles for Sale”.

One can just imagine the other more popular albums released by Beatles to rank higher in the list. Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and the Beatles 1967-1970 to rank 5th, 9th, and 10th respectively.

Paul McCartney, Beatles’ classic member was happy to find out that their music is as loved and patronized in the digital world.

As happy and grateful as McCarney is Apple chief executive officer, Steve Job, who said that with Emi and Beatles, is a dream come true for iTunes.