Because of Donating Sperm Diligently

Because of Donating Sperm Diligently

Over-diligent in donating his sperm, this male finally prohibited to donate anymore. Since from sperm he donated, he had produced 14 children.

Because of Donating Sperm Diligently

Trent Arsenault (36), healthy single and has strong religious faith, donating his sperm through commercial in internet. He gave his sperm freely to anyone who needs it.

However, his effort to donate sperm was considered as public threat by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA commanded Arsenault to stop the action or threatened a year prison and USD 100.000 fine.

Arsenault insisted, giving sperm is real action in giving love to human. It made him fought against FDA related with this rare and first incident topic.
“If I was prohibited, there would be many couples don’t have child. Does government needs to arrange ‘bedroom business’ of their citizens?” he claimed.

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