Bed-Bug Rampage Fuels the Growth of Bed Bug Control Services in Germany and the U.K.

Bed bugs possess a long history and have been known to be originated in the animals and human occupied caves. They were noted in the historical documents of Germany in 11th century. Currently, bed bugs are posing huge problems owing to their widespread infestations across the globe. A study by Persistence Market Research (PMR) on UK and Germany market for bed bug control services states that the market is projected to witness 4.7% CAGR and 5.2% CAGR during 2016 to 2026 in the U.K. and Germany respectively.

Increasing Adoption of Central Heating Systems is Driving the Growth of Bed Bugs Control Services Market

Among developing as well as developed countries, end users, particularly from commercial and residential sectors, are increasing getting more and more health conscious & sensitive for maintenance of hygiene and good health, which in turn has led to rise in adoption of pest control services among these sectors. Soaring prevalence of vector-borne diseases & infections owing to common household pests, especially blood sucking insects such as bed bugs, has witnessed a rise in encouraging end users for more spending on the pest control services. Growing adoption of central heating systems & installation of glazing systems in commercial and residential sectors for insulating rooms during winter season has fuelled bed bugs infestations which in turn is propelling the growth of bed bugs control services market in Germany and the U.K.

In addition, increase in international tourist arrivals, rise in occurrences of domestic trips and homes with multiple occupancy are some other factors driving the bed bugs control services market in Germany and the U.K. Some of the major impeding factors for bed bugs control services in Germany and the U.K. are rising concerns on toxicity levels of pesticides and health issues related to them, implementing stringent government regulations for limiting chemical toxicity levels and reducing the application of highly toxic pesticides for reducing hazardous effects on environment & public health.

A New Device for Detection of Bed Bugs

Many devices and technologies are on their way of development for detecting infestations of bed bugs. A space technology which was developed for sniffing out composition of comets is now being directed towards the purpose of hunting down bed bugs. A British Scientist, after creating Ptolemy instrument for Rosetta comet-landing mission, has installed a new company using the same concept for studying chemicals emitted by insects. Beg bugs are a huge problem as they have become resistant to insecticides and started to evolve with thicker skins.

Growing prevalence of air travel has led population of bed bugs spread across the world. At present, no way has been found out for spotting infestation of bugs, however new device derived from the space technology will provide airlines, hotels or cinemas for detecting the insects quickly. This bed bug device, expected to be available by 2017 end, will be small, compact, hand-held detector able to be plugged into a printer-sized machine for detection of bed bugs’ presence within five minutes. Innovate UK and the business incubator of European Space Agency have funded for this nine-month project for this device’s design and production.

Bed Bugs Can be Killed Through Room Temperature

According to a news report by The Sun, Rentokil Pest Control stated that they have witnessed a hike of 140% in inquiries considering bed bugs. On a rampage, bed bugs populate more and spread widely in early autumn and late summer seasons finding their ways through luggage & clothing of holidaymakers. Bed bugs are attracted to heat emitted from body and exhaled carbon dioxide. The best way to kill bed bugs is through room temperature. This problem has now stretched far across the world and Germany and the U.K. have been focusing greatly for new ways and products for diminishing these blood sucking insects. And the market for bed bugs control services in these regions is on an upsurge.

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