Belgian Shooter was “Career Criminal”

Belgian Shooter was “Career Criminal”

Belgian Police department stated that attack happened in Liege, Tuesday (13/12/2011), didn’t have any correlation with terrorism. The subject also died in the incident, found out named Nordine Amrani, threw grenade to the crowd before shooting them.

Belgian Shooter was “Career Criminal”

Attack done by Amrani caused five people died, and more than 100 people injured. Five people, a 17 months baby, two adolescents, a female, and Amrani himself died on the incident.

According to the Liege Officer, Amrani could be grouped as “career criminal” a.k.a recidivist. In Police note, he deal with law for 20 times with various crimes.
Liege Prosecutor, Daniele Reynders, said, Amrani crime list included drug deal, illegal weapons ownership, and some other crimes.

In September 2008, the 33 years old male jailed for 58 months after Police found Weapon “werehouse” in his house. They found 10 fire-weapons, and 9.500 gun parts, also 2.800 marijuana trees. According to the local Prison Officer, Amrani was early exempt.

Amrani is also known as gun-lover. He is known able to disassemble, repair, and reassemble various weapons. However, he never been related by certain terrorism action or network.

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