Biden: President Assad Should Resign


International pressure to Suriah President Bashar al-Assad regime grow larger after US Vice President Joe Bidden, insisted Assad to resign for the country’s stability. Previously, US and Europe Union also deal to apply stricter economic sanction to Suriah.


That Biden statement is revealed in a written interview published by Hurriyet daily in Ankara, Turkey, Friday. “US position in Suriah case is clear. Suriah government regime should end brutality to their own citizens, and President Assad should resign, so peace transition which respected people’s expectation could happen,” said Biden.

Biden himself arrived in Ankara, Thursday night, and scheduled to meet Turkey President, Abdullah Gul and Turkey Parliament Chief Cemil Cicek. Biden admit Turkey’s role in the region facing Suriah’s crisis.

”Now it’s the time for international communities to unite in isolating regime who has violated human rights systematically and eliminate peace protest action. We hope international sanction broaden as tool to create change in Suriah,” explain Biden, who also urged Turkey to apply sanction to Iran.

Turkey, which directly borders with Suriah and becomes one of the biggest Suriah’s trade partner, has announced economic sanction consisted of freezing all commercial transaction and relation breaking with Suriah Central Bank.
US and Europe Union (EU) also decided to strengthen their economic sanction to Suriah, Thursday, by prohibiting oil and gas industries facilities to Suriah, also prohibited government obligation trade published by Suriah.

This decision is followed with announcement of 12 citizens and 11 companies from Suriah entered into EU black-list. Among some individuals included into the list, there’s Financial Minister and Economic Minister, also Suriah’s senior military officers, who prohibited to travel into EU region.

Meanwhile, company’s assets included into this additional black list, included three oil companies, Cham Press TV, and pro-government newspaper, Al Watan, are also frozen.

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