Blake Griffin Raised the Roof

In third Professional City’s Basketball, the fascinating, left-handed, sharp minded player Blake Griffin raised roof and his fans were really amused. They were all waiting for his stuff shots, OOhh, aaah, and oh my gosh…

On Wednesday, The Portland Coach McMillan said him a Monster. Griffin made nine points, five rebounds, and a filled staple center growing gruff within 10 min pro career. At the end of his debut he made 40 points, 14 rebounds in the Clippers loss by 98-88 to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Tired Griffin said while sitting in a locker room that something was there which made him pleased but he had improved a lot.

In another way it was the most exciting start of a Clippers season. Griffin said that he could really feel the crowd of people behind him and he wanted them to stay behind like this. Griffin attained three queasy rebounds in one possession. In second possession he grabbed one in bound pass and jumped around two Trail Blazers for a lay-up.

He played really hard thoroughly in the defense third quarter. Blake headed a fast break and a dribble. And pushed the Clippers up than previous years’ 29 win mess. When there were seven minutes remaining, they took the lead after the nine-point shortfall. They really endure a lot to make that disaster stand back.

The Griffin fans were looking displeased but Griffin gave them a hope again. Griffin made them believe with his versatility on this Wednesday. He gave a sparkling smile to the audience before a welcome speech. After a short while in the third quarter brief lockup he started to play with lots of passion Adre Miller. Griffin is really very entertaining, he made people smile also. Griffin always proved his accomplishments with variety of his styles.