Blizzard, 2.3 million US residents living without Electricity

Blizzard, 2.3 million US residents living without Electricity

A storm accompanied by thick snow that fell in the area of the East coast of United States (u.s.), causing electricity supply break occurs. More than 2.3 million home and business centre is not powered. This extreme condition also caused three residents were killed. Currently local authorities strived to restore back the flow of electricity.

Blizzard, 2.3 million US residents living without Electricity

Residents of the neighbourhood is the most severe suffering a Blizzard with Hurricane Center located in Pennsylvannia. While some areas in New Jersey and Massachusetts are covered by snow that reached 35 centimeter. While Central Park in New York also covered a fairly severe blizzards. Snow fall is rumored to reach 3.3 centimeter.

The breakdown in the power supply itself caused by snow, ice and many trees uprooted from the mid-Atlantic to New England. Up to this point can be more than 2.3 million homes and shopping centers are not able to enjoy the power and they are forced to take help from neighbouring areas to revive the flow of electricity.

In addition, based on the notes, more than 500 thousand citizens in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts is not currently getting electricity supply. The third area of the State it was in fact already declared their status is currently in emergency conditions. Blizzard is expected to continue to deteriorate and struck the northern territories. While the wind speed is predicted to reach 88 miles per hour, especially in the coastal areas.

The storm also disrupted the flow of transport on the East Coast and forcing some 1,000 flights suspended their operations. While commuter train in Connecticut and New York had to be postponed due to a problem of signal and uprooted trees. The current residents were asked to take a trip out. While the speed limit when it was revealed in the bridge linking New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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