Bomb exploded in Myanmar, one Person killed

Bomb exploded in Myanmar, one Person killed

A bomb exploded and hit a taxi in Myanmar. This bomb killed the driver and injured two other passengers. Interior Ministry of Myanmar said that the bomb is a handmade bomb. The bomb exploded inside taxi when passing Yangon. One of the taxi passenger was reported to have serious injury.

Bomb exploded in Myanmar, one Person killed

Until now, there still hasn’t found what this bombing means. Police still continue on the incident investigation. There’s still no further clue from the incident. There reported by Associated Press, Thursday (3/11/2011).

Meanwhile, in other incident, a grenade found under a parking car. The grenade is found on a strict security region which was guarded by government force in Yangon.

Officer cannot defuse the bomb, but they turn on the grenade with measured explotion and watched by bomb defuse team. The police cannot decide the subject from this grenade. They still go on the incident investigation.

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