Bracelet Returned after 66 Years lost

Bracelet Returned after 66 Years lost

A World War II soldier from South Carolina get his bracelet back, which it lost in Italia on war 66 years ago. Jim Turck received the bracelet from his mother, then he went to the battlefield on 1943. The bracelet had his name written, James J Turck, a line of number, then a text: “Love, Mother”. Turck then receive duty as soldier in tenth mountain division and assigned on Apennine Mountain, Italia, on 1945. He lost his bracelet when assigned on the region.

Bracelet Returned after 66 Years lost

“I don’t remember exactly when the bracelet lost,” said Turck who now 87 years old and lived on Seabrook Island. The bracelet was found by Bruno Bernardoni on Iola Village when operating metal detector, last April. The bracelet is planted more than 1 meter from the surface.

Bernardoni thought that the thing he found is dog leashes, but better. He then realized that the thing he found was a bracelet. He then asked his nephew to search through internet about the division and found Tom Hames name. he then found Turck address and sent the bracelet back.

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