Breast Feeding Aid Market to See Incredible Growth During 2017 – 2025

Breastfeeding has boundless benefits. Breast milk has everything that baby needs, such as proteins, fats, minerals, iron, lactose and vitamin which is necessary for the baby’s growth. Breastfeeding keeps the baby away from all types of infections and allergies and creates an emotional bond between mother and baby. Breastfeeding might be a natural thing for many moms, but for some, it does not come naturally. They either have leaky breast or they experience pain whenever their babies latch on to the breast. These new-age mommies need little help and breastfeeding aids may help them during their feeding challenges. There are some ‘must have’ breastfeeding aids such as breast milk pump, breast milk storage bag, nursing pillow, breast pads and ointment, breastfeeding cover, nursing bras, breastfeeding vitamins, silicon nipple shield, breast shells etc.

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For many moms, breast feeding is deprivation from sleep. Sleep deprivation may lead to a decrease in their milk supply. In such situation, breast milk pump makes their lives easier. Through breastfeeding pumps women can extract some milk during the day which can be useful in feeding the baby at night with the help of a bottle. However, to store the milk which is extracted through breast milk pump is not possible without milk store bag. These are specially designed bags which ensure to keep the beneficial properties of the milk. To hold the baby in arms during the entire breastfeeding session can cause back pain. However, the nursing pillows not only support babies during a feed but also give comfort to moms which make easier the entire birth recovery period.

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Breast pads can absorb the milk from the leaky breast and keep the area dry, while nipple ointments reduce the pains and inflammation in nipples. Although the breastfeeding aids have many beneficial qualities, there are some disadvantages too which are associated with these aids. For instance, silicon nipple shield is recommended to many moms who have sore nipples, however, they can reduce the amount of milk that baby gets as baby do not get milk straight from the breast. The milk expression can also be decreased due to excessive use of breast milk pumps, while in the case of milk storage bag, they are not eco-friendly. They are not as strong as plastic or glass containers, so the chances of leaking are comparatively more in milk storage bags.


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