Brock Lesnar Was Decimated In UFC Under The Eyes Of The Undertaker

The Undertaker have seen live how Brock Lesnar has been defeated by Cain Velasquez. After this fight Brock lost his UFC heavyweight title! At the end of the fight Undertaker challenged Lesnar so we expect a fight at WM27.

The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, two guys with a rich history, have seen each other eye to eye at the end of Brock’s lost match and Undertaker seemed to provoke him! In that moment everyone had gone off speculation – will we see a match at Wrestle mania 27 between the two?

The UFC president, Dana White, did not knew what to say about that end, saying only that she have not heard anything about a return of Brock Lesnar even for one night on WWE. One thing is certain – without the approval from UFC this fight will be impossible.

Chavo Guerrero gets wins the message of the week! After the defeat of Brock Lesnar, Chavo wrote on his Twitter: “Mexicans are to Lesner what kryptonite is to Superman!! 1st Eddie now Velasquez! Wow!! Still stunned! Drink a corona and eat a burrito now mother Fu$&er! If only Velasquez would have done the Eddie shoulder shimmer at the end!”
Paul Heyman: “My most sincere congratulations to a great champion in Cain Velasquez!

Shane Helms: “Upsets make sports exciting!

Shannon Moore: “Congrats to the new champ. That’s what’s so good about UFC. From bottom to top the best man wins. It’s all about the man that is better that night.

Matt Morgan: “Cain was great tonight. Brock will get that title back though.