Car Rolled, 8 Prisoners Died

Car Rolled, 8 Prisoners Died

Security Authority in Puerto Rico said, eight prisoners in a minibus car died when the car rolled by the flood. Local government, Jesus Gonzales Cruz said, this incident happened in previous Monday in north beach region of Arecibo City. 10 prisoners were carried in a minibus car to be brought to Saba Hoyos prisoner.

Car Rolled, 8 Prisoners Died

At that time, hard rain was fallen, and didn’t stop either, the river overflow and flood the street. The main Street was full by mud-water which finally made the minibus boarded by prisoners was tumbled.

There are two people from ten prisoners in the minibus saved by two wardens. But they cannot save the minibus and eight prisoners were died.

Until now, prison authority directly contacted the died-victim’s family members. Even so, until now the police still hasn’t identified the dead prisoner in this incident.

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