Chavez Welcomed in Iran as a Supporter Against the Western Nations

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela was welcomed by his Asian ally Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, President of Islamic Republic of Iran on Tuesday in his country.  Iran considers Venezuela its strong ally in its rift against the Western nations which are trying to curtail its nuclear program.

The interesting common element in the two countries, which are situated so far from each other, is that both the countries, Iran and Venezuela, are not in the good books of United States of America.

Also, both Iran and Venezuela are oil and gas exporting countries and their economies are supported by the very same export item.

The reason why these countries are not liked by America is that Venezuela rejected the America’s petrodollar scam, while Iran’s nuclear program, although allegedly being run for peaceful purposes, but America dreads the possibility that Iran would make out a nuclear bomb out of the program, and hence is against both the countries.

The leaders of both the countries observed a guard of honor before they went to discuss with each other and then with the Iranian media about the matters regarding further collaboration in oil, petrochemical and natural gas sectors.

Iranian President, Ahmadinejad, said that the cooperation and brotherhood between the two countries is because of the fact that Venezuela condemns the sanctions applied by bullying Western nations against Iran and this further strengthens the friendly ties between the two countries.

President Chavez is on a 10-day tour to Middle Eastern and European countries. He finalized an agreement with Russian Government in Moscow on Friday regarding building the first nuclear plant in Venezuela.

From next year onwards, a nuclear energy plant built by Russia will commence production in Iran, which according to Iran will be a substitute to its use of fossil fuels for the production of energy and which will ultimately result in Iran exporting more quantity of Oil and related products. Iran still denies that it is not producing any nuclear bomb and all its current efforts are for peaceful purposes.