China and Russia vetoes UN resolution on Syria: US condemns the move

A resolution was brought in by UN condemning the government backed attacks on protestors in Syria. This resolution was vetoed by China and Russia. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State has described this as a “travesty”.

She said that the support of nations outside the UN to Syria should be redoubled. Analysts said that it would be an effort by her to form a group of nations as formed earlier against Gaddafi, the former Libyan Leader.

During a visit to Bulgaria, she said that US has also been working to find out who were behind Syria’s government and supplied it with weapons and funds. US is also planning to strengthen the sanctions imposed by it on Syria in an attempt to restrict it from further usage of weapons against protestors.

Vetoing of resolution by China and Russia has made some other countries join US against them. Alain Juppe, the Foreign Minister of French termed the stand of China and Russia as ‘moral stain’. He also said that Europe would also tighten all sanctions imposed on Syria and isolate the government of Syria.

Syrian observatory for Human Rights, a London based campaign, said that at least 28 people lost lives during the attacks by armed forces in Home City on Sunday itself. One more report said that same number of security personnel ware also killed. As per the report of Human Rights Groups, the death toll has crossed 7000 since the start of agitation against government in last March. The Syrian government had also said that around 2000 security forces personnel were killed by terrorists and other armed groups.

This is second time when Russia turned down a resolution brought in the UN against Syria. Gennady Gatlilov, the deputy foreign minister of Russia, said that those who supported the resolution were actually not willing to put some extra efforts for solving the problems. However, the resolution was supported by 14 other numbers of UN.

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