China warns United States on its military strategy in Asia

The state media of China has warned United States against showing muscle power following the unveiling of Washington’s defence review that shows greater focus on Asia Pacific region.

Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, has said that the move of President Barrack Obama of increasing US presence here would bring in prosperity and stability to the region. However, if US military gets involved, this could lead to ill will being created and peace endangered. Obama has planned $450 billion in defence cuts, a move that is going to see thousands of its forces being axed over the coming decade. This is because Obama feels that the war scenario was coming down in Afghanistan and hence US had to give more focus to its economic growth. But he has added that the budget reduction would not affect US presence in Asia-Pacific regions.

Xinhua has said that the role of the US is welcomed by China as it would help create a peaceful environment that is a must for economic prosperity of the region. But, it has also cautioned the US from showing its muscle power through its forces as that would not be the proper solution to regional disputes. The situation could also escalate to peace being endangered in the region. The officials from Beijing have not yet commented on this report. However, the Global Times paper, which is the voice of the Chinese Communist Party has said that Washington will not be able to prevent China from rising and has asked Beijing to start developing long-range missiles that would serve as a deterrence to the United States navy.

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