Cholera Epidemic in Haiti Capital: 544 Dead and 8000 Hospitalized Patients

Cholera epidemic that swept the territory of Haiti has killed 544 people, according to the latest assessment of the Ministry of Public Health.

The previously check submitted on Saturday, shows 501 deaths and 7359 patients hospitalized until November 4. Today’s figures show 544 deaths and 8,000 people hospitalized because of the cholera epidemic.

There are serious concerns regarding the spread of disease in the capital Port-au-Prince, in the refugee centers in the city where hygiene conditions are precarious.

Authorities fear an increase in infections due to flooding in several areas in Haiti by Hurricane Tomas. This resulted in 20 dead, 36 injured and 6,000 displaced families, according to the Haitian civil protection.

On the other hand, the fears are grounded according to health professionals working in health care facilities in Port-au-Prince and go on the field to identify other cases of illness. Kara Gibson, an American doctor from “Samaritan’s Purse” organization, said that some people from Cite Soleil area, in the Haitian capital, already have cholera symptoms.

Public information campaigns are calling on people to boil the water and the food and avoid eating raw vegetables or fruit, even if they have been washed with soap. Haitian Minister of Health said that 30,000 people will be trained in the coming months to join the anti-cholera campaign.

Cholera epidemic is affecting Haiti since mid-October. The analyses carried out by U.S. government laboratories, quickly released to the Haitian authorities, revealed that the bacteria causing the cholera epidemic is similar to the strains found in Asia.