Combination Cosmetic Surgeries Fostering Growth in Demand for Facial Rejuvenation in World

“The importance of facial appearance in work and other facets of life continues to drive the demand in global facial rejuvenation market as more consumers are opting for a combination of painless yet effective cosmetic treatments”.

Recent findings on the growth of global facial rejuvenation market demonstrate that the demand for such treatments is not restricted to women. Men, especially the younger demographics, and the ones who are fashion industry professionals are becoming key consumers for facial rejuvenation. The fear of undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries and deforming the existing facial appearance continues to divert more consumers for facial rejuvenation, which is essentially a combination cosmetic surgery. The effectiveness of results is also slated to ramp up the growth of global facial rejuvenation market.

Persistence Market Research has estimated that the global market for facial rejuvenation attained a market value of US$ 18 billion in 2014. According to its forecast report, titled “Global Market Study on Facial Rejuvenation: Early Onset of Ageing & Rising Adoption of minimally Invasive Procedures to Drive the Market,” the global facial rejuvenation market will expand at a steady CAGR of 4.9% and reach US$ 26.5 billion market value by the end of 2021. Early onset of aging effects on a majority of people in the world is orchestrating the growth in demand for facial rejuvenation treatment. Some of the treatments for facial rejuvenation are invasive yet the patient endures less pain, which incidentally results in positive feedback. People continue to rampantly adopt facial rejuvenation treatment and fulfill their yearnings for enhancing superficial appearance. While a lack of documented evidence continues to inhibit the growth of global facial rejuvenation market by instilling skepticism in consumers, the real threat for the market has been ensured by irregular international regulations for cosmetic surgeries, unavailability of professionals and growing presence of counterfeit cosmetic surgery products and equipment.

The report has stratified the growth of global facial rejuvenation market on the basis of types of products such as chemical peels, laser surfacing treatments, dermal fillers, topical products, microabrasion equipment, and botulinum. Among such segments, the growth of botulinum products is projected to remain dominant by accounting for more than 35% share of the global facial rejuvenation market. On the basis of distribution channels, the global market is primarily bifurcated into dermatology clinics and hospitals, with the former segment gaining dominance due to treatment advising and easier access to drugs.

The regional overviews of global facial rejuvenation market indicate exceptional and rapid expansion in Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Still, North America is expected to dominate the global market by accounting for nearly 75% of the market share. Flourishing media & entertainment industry in the US and surging health tourism industry have orchestrated the global dominance in North America in facial rejuvenation. Furthermore, consumers have been exhibit higher preference of combination cosmetic surgeries, thereby endorsing the option of facial rejuvenation treatments. In order to assess essential information on the competitive landscape of global facial rejuvenation market, the report has profiled some leading players in the market, which include recognizable companies such as, Merz GmbH & Co. KGaA, Biopolymer GmbH &Co KG, LUMENIS, Contura International A/S, Cynosure, Inc., Revance Therapeutics, Inc., Speciality European Pharma, and Fibrocell, Inc., among others.

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