Considered as Cheater, Putin Go Forward Still

Putin Go Forward Still

The fact is, United Russia party won the election of Russia parliament. This party leader is first Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin. According to AP and AFP news in Saturday (10/12/2011), cheating aroma soon spread.

Putin Go Forward Still

Previously, Russia election commission announced that United Russia Party reached 49 percent votes, while three other parties should share 53 percent of other votes. The competitor parties actually didn’t fulfill the three percent threshold.

Opposition group and international observer smelled fraud. Someone found fact that the member of Russia Election Commission had different attitude with the counting. “United Russia party is favored compared with other parties,” said member of Russia Election Commission, Yefgeny Kolyushin.

Next, opposition group noted there were some violations in Russia parliament election. Opposition said, the violation is happened in ballot boxes filling or money prize for some voters.

Since election counting was announced in the beginning of this week, opposition had protested it. Thousands of people who stood against Putin did a protest in Moskwa and other cities. The protests is predicted to be continued after this election is announced. “Russia people will go down to street continuously since they get disadvantage by this political situation,” said Yevgeniya Chirikova, the protester leader.

Police Officers forced the protesters to dissolve. Then hundreds of protesters, including some opposition figures, were caught. Ex-Uni Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has asked openly to do re-election.

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