Coup bid in Bangladesh foiled

Masud Razzaq, spokesperson of Bangladesh Military, said that a coup was planned by the officers of army who were active in military service. He also said “They had extreme religious views”. Earlier, Bangladesh was under military ruling. It had seen 15 years of military ruling before 1990.

Sheikh Hasina, present Prime Minister of Bangladesh, had taken over in 2009 from a government which was under military supervision. Since then, as official says, she has been facing threats from radical groups and hard core Islamists.

Ethirajan Anbarasan of BBC says that, after the Bangladesh Bordered Guard’s revolt in 2009, this is the biggest challenge faced by Sheikh Hasina’s government. Brig Gen Razzaq told that a group of officers with strong religious views were planning to throw out the government. However, he said, their attempts were foiled successfully.

He told that they could discover some substantial information regarding the involvement of some serving officers in this conspiracy against the government. The officers have been identified. He mentioned that the groups had 16 officers of army, some serving and some retired. Some officers were taken into custody and expected to be produced before a military court.

Brig Gen Razzaq told that the conspiracy was backed by the conspirators of the country who were based abroad. In 2009, a revolt was staged in Dhaka by the Bangladesh paramilitary forces again Sheikh Hasina. Later, it spread all across the country.

While crushing the revolt, about 70 people lost lives that included 51 army officers. As per the correspondents, the Islamists were annoyed by the constitutional changes made by Hasina in order to make the country more secular.

However, the constitutional amendments let the Islam continue as state religion. Still, there were several demonstrations against the move by Sheikh Hasina.

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