Demand for Emulsifiers to be Fuelled by Food and Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry

Emulsifiers are molecules comprising one hydrophobic and one hydrophilic molecule. This makes emulsifiers to blend two immiscible liquids with a fine dispersion. The ancient Greeks have already made use of emulsifying strength of beeswax in their cosmetic products. While egg yolk was the first ever emulsifier utilized in food production. As per a study by Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global emulsifiers market is projected to exhibit 6% CAGR during 2016 to 2024 and is likely to witness a growth in revenue.

Factors Fuelling the Growth of Global Emulsifiers Market Include

  • Rapid investments in food processing industry
  • Emerging market for convenience & packaged foods
  • Soaring necessity of health-conscious low-fat foods
  • The popularity of ingredients with multifunctional properties across personal care & beauty industry

Even though the global emulsifiers market is expected to surge, few factors such as mushrooming low priced products, stringent rules by government and diversity in consumer preferences are expected to decelerate the growth of global emulsifiers market over the span of next eight years.

Emulsifiers in Food Industry

The prevalence of food emulsifiers in packaged foods industry has soared in the recent past. Emulsifiers result in rigid complex with starch for protecting starch granules and improve starch quality. Food emulsifiers are great at stabilizing the emulsions by elevating the kinetic stability. They derive a significant change in the appearance of food and devoid it from cavity. Emulsifiers are utilized in several food processes such as

  • Bread- Emulsifiers help in the preparation of less-sticky, easy to handle & elastic dough. They create easy raising of dough, increase its resistance capacity against mechanical force to soften, maintain bread’s softness and improve its eating quality.
  • Noodles- Emulsifiers help to increase water absorption rate by one to two percent making the noodle surface smooth & uniform which in turn streamlines and improves the production process.
  • Cakes- Preparation of cakes requires various materials to be mixed for further baking. Emulsifiers make it possible in producing an all-in-one mixture of materials and foam them. Emulsifiers aid continuous production of uniform quality cakes with homogeneous inner phase.
  • Ice Creams- Emulsifiers when added while producing ice creams help in the process of uniform fat emulsification, stable overrun, formation of a firm & dry structure resulting in a smooth texture, resisting heat shocks and maintaining the shape.

Many more foods involve addition of an emulsifier during the production process. In addition, emulsifiers has considerable effects on processed oil & fats such as stabilization of the product, foaming & air-holding improvement, enhancements in spreading effects, increase water retaining capability, starch & protein function improvement and spattering prevention.

Emulsifiers in Personal Care & Cosmetics Industry

Processing of personal care & cosmetics includes barriers such as producing stable emulsions, hydration of suspending & thickening agents, disintegrating solids, process hygiene, dissolving powders, mixing thickeners and blending fluids with different viscosities. In addition, cosmetics production involves blending fragrances & colors and creation of fine emulsions for lotions & creams. Emulsifiers find application in various processes of personal care & cosmetics products such as liquid foundations, toothpastes & dental whitening creams, moisturizing body wash, deodorants & antiperspirants, shampoos & conditioners, pre-saturated wipes, soaps, pigment dispersions, sunscreens & creams, hair dyes, gels & sprays, cream emulsions & lotions, mouthwash, perfumes and cosmeceuticals.

Emulsifiers have thus made the processes of food and personal care & cosmetics industry as well as various other industries with their capability to blend tow immiscible fluids together. The market for emulsifiers is expected to witness a progressive growth in the near future.

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