Died Victims in Belgian Christmas Market became 5 People

Died Victims in Belgian Christmas Market became 5 People

Attack by grenade and weapon in Christmas market of Liege city, East Belgia yesterday caused five people died, including attacker and 119 other people injured, said the authority party.

Died Victims in Belgian Christmas Market became 5 People

A 23 months old baby died in hospital at Tuesday night after injured in the attack happened in City Square, said Katrin Delcourt, Liege Province Governor Office Spokesman. Other died victims were two male-adolescents 15 and 17 years old, and 75 years old-woman, said Danielle Reynders, a Liege Prosecutor to Reporter
About 52 injured people were treated by medical officers in a field hospital built near the incident’s location, said the prosecutor. While other victims went to the nearest hospital in the region. The police worried that the died victims would be added.

Attacker was identified as Nordine Amrani (33 years old), from Liege, said Reynders. He’s also died. In the attack, he threw three grenades and brutally shot from building roof to crowded square near the Court building, said Reynders.

Amrani did his action alone in the St. Lambert Palace Square attack, and police didn’t search for other suspect. He added, Amrani went from his house, carrying a gun, an automatic riffle and some grenades in his bag.

According to her, Amrani previously had been punished related drugs and weapons ownership case. He’s in probation. Police has also called him related with other investigation happened. However, he never got pursued related with terrorism case. Reynders said, the officers have not explained the attack motive.

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