Donald Trump Selects James Mattis as Head of Secretary of Defense

Known for his eloquent approach toward the Middle East conflicts and US military, James Mattis may well be the man for the job. The veteran marine general can actually formulate a policy to rein in Donald Trump.

Trump picked the former marine general to head the pentagon. The decision falls under few of the earliest appointments for the department of national-security ensuring a smooth running of the defense circle, which he believed needed some corrections. The announcement was made on the first day of his “thank you tour” at Ohio.  The military and Capitol Hill is expected to back the decision, as Mattis may not face too many discontent faces, unlike other nominees. The news started doing the rounds when Trump met Mattis at the businessman’s golf club in New Jersey, recently. Washington Post was few of first media houses that covered the news, although, Trump’s transition team initially denied it following the tweet from Jason Miller.

A lot of expectation and hope has been attached to this appointment. The Trump opposed republican national security circle believes that the potent nature of Mattis can judiciously handle the Trump umbrage and administratively nullify Mike Flynn, who is going to hold the position of chief adviser for national security in Trump administration. The establishment’s optimism about Mattis in total control has already started to reflect even prior to his appointment. Mattis’s impressive intellect with a blend of bluntness and wit has been well appreciated by the military circle, earning him a hashtag #Mattisisms. He relished his time in uniform as his heavy criticisms on the pentagon sacred cows, especially the marines and the broader military is known to all. Undeniably, Mattis’s harsh words have many at times put him in trouble, as has his stern approach on Iran that was received him with strong condemnation. But Mattis hold enough quality to undertake the responsibility he has been entrusted with and will use his vast experience at work combining along trump hardliners.

Summary: James Matt is is the Newest Addition to the Trump Cabinet

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