On December 14, the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s transitional team confirmed the appointment of PepsiCo.’s Indra Nooyi as one of the three advisors in Trump’s strategic and policy forum. The advisory board also welcomes 15 more business leaders, including Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk and Uber co-visionary, Travis Kalanick.

“The 16-member group include various other top business leaders”.

The strategic and policy forum will be led by Blackstone’s CEO, Stephen Schwarzman and includes General Electric’s former CEO Jack Welch, Chase’s Jamie Dimon, and General Motors’ Mary Barra, besides Nooyi, Musk, and Kalanick. Appointment of Nooyi and Musk is especially remarkable, following the controversy wherein both of them criticized Trump’s recent win.

PepsiCo., the top food and beverages company in the U.S., owns around 100 plants across the country and employs over 1,00,000 employees. Indra Nooyi, as the Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo., will hold an influential position in the forum. Nooyi is the first Indian-American woman to join the economic board that would serve Mr. Trump with valued economic advice and recommendations. She will draw the maximum attention further, as her derogatory remarks on Trumps’ victory are still creating news.

According to Trump, America hosts the most vibrant and innovative companies globally. His administration and private sector will work in tandem for business climate improvisation. Strategic and Policy Forum will focus on creating a lucrative business environment for private firms and generate new jobs across the U.S.   While Trump is all set to take the charge of the office on January 20, the corporate bigwigs in the group will offer industry input to him regarding the private sector in order to help him form an effective economic agenda.

Members of Trump’s forum will be responsible for offering individual opinions based on their exclusive vantage points, which would ultimately influence economic growth of the private sector, overall productivity, and jobs creation. The input from each business titan will be asked to be strictly unbiased and non-bureaucratic.

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