Dubai to Witness Blasting Sales of Electric Cars

The Dubai Governments moves another step ahead in an effort to curb the carbon footprint of the emirate. Sales of green cars set to flare up over the next few years.

In a bid to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the emirate in order to go green in terms of transportation, the Government of Dubai has taken one more serious step. The city will see electric car sales to blow up over the next few years.

Recently announced elevated quotas for hybrid electric cars within the government’s fleet have already been in the news. Moreover, the government is planning to initiate eco-friendly campaigns in July 2017, specifically to encourage Dubai’s motorists to switch to greener automobile options. This will reportedly reveal new opportunities for automakers, creating a whole new green vehicles market for the industry.

The Dubai Government is pushing the vehicle production to a higher number. A majority of public service vehicles will work on the new green technology. According to the government, a minimum of 10% vehicles in its larger fleets are going to be electric, by 2020 end.

In addition, by 2021 end, the Road Transport Authority (RTA) is reportedly planning to get around 4750 hybrid taxis on the city roads, which are currently merely 150. The RTA, as a part of its campaign, will also emphasize utilization of electric vehicles for public transport. On a similar line, in November 2016, the RTA had put forth a consideration of the introduction of hydrogen-powered cars to the taxi fleet, which was soon followed by the launch of Toyota Mirai, a hydrogen cell-operated vehicle.

To support, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has been assigned to charging stations installations for a growing number of electric vehicles. While 100+ stations are already up, more will provide an augmented access in near future.

Considering a broader scenario, the UAE budget forecasts a positive outlook for the upcoming years. Up from an estimated GDP growth of over 3% in 2016, this year’s GDP growth has been estimated at over 3.5%. However, luxury vehicles sector has always been a solid performer in terms of demand and sales. The chances of a debacle in this sector are negligible. Experts have started to take efforts in spotting consumer behavior patterns and link it up with the green vehicles in future.

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