Egypt Activists Call for Great Scale Protest This Friday


Egypt activists called for new mass protests in Cairo, Friday (25/11/2011), to pursue military authority termination. At the same time, military swore to stop riot which would disturb parliament members selection next Monday.


Private television channels reported, Egypt temporary leaders have appointed ex Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzuri as new Prime Minister in the country, among political uncertainty which go on continuously. The report is not confirmed officially. However, the government newspaper, Al-Ahram, said in their site, Ganzuri has approved to lead a national safety government. Ganzuri is an economist who served as Egypt Prime Minister in year 1996 – 1999 under the regime of President Hosni Mubarak who has been subverted.

The step, if it’s really true, will sign new effort of Supreme Council of the Armed Force (SCAF) after few days there’s deadly disputes between security armed force and protesters broken since last Saturday. The recent violence caused at least 41 protesters died – 36 among them in Cairo – and more than 2.000 people injured, had caused Ministry of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf resigned on previous Tuesday.

Call for new protest in Tahrir Square appeared although there was apologize from Military Authority in Thursday related with deadly shooting done by police. The several days violence has caused dark cloud near parliament election on Monday, which forced SCAF to promise keeping security along the first Election since people power to overthrow Mubarak in February.

There’s uncomfortable quietness on previous Thursday among mass gathered on Tahrir Square, the center of Egyptian citizens protest after cease fire negotiated by Moslem leaders. The religious leaders said in statement posted in Facebook that a deal had been reached between security guard and protesters to stop confrontation. However, military board put aside option to retreat.

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