Egypt is Hotter Again, 11 Demonstrators Died

Egypt is Hotter Again, 11 Demonstrators Died

At least 11 people died in Tahrir Square, Kairo, Egypt, when Security Armed-force dispersed demonstrators who asked military party to give authority to civil government.

According to AFP News Office, at least four people were shot to death. Previously, Dr Mohammed Fatuh who lead a hospital on the field, assured that three other bodies had brought with bullets injured. Medical officers previously reported four dead, one because of direct shot, and three because of asphyxiate caused by lack of oxygen in blood after tear gas was shot.

Egypt is Hotter Again, 11 Demonstrators Died

The deadly riot is happened a week before the first legislative selection since people revolution which imposed veteran dictator Hosni Mubarak down. Egyptian police and military had used sticks and tear gas to clean Tahrir Square from thousands of demonstrators.

In the riot, demonstrators fought against anti-riot police force and military who chased them far from entrance door to the square and blocked the street directed to Interior Ministry, where the all-day long riot happened. Security forces then retreated from the field, but situation was still unstable. All day, sporadic clash happened near Interior Ministry in Tahrir Square side, which covered by tear gas smoke and dirt by stones and glasses.

Health Ministry said, 759 people were injured in the clash. About 40 police officers also got injured, said the interior Ministry.

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