Egypt Military Regretted Brutality to Female

Egypt Military Regretted Brutality to Female

Ruled Egypt Military Council, Tuesday (20/12/2011), declared their “deep regret” to Egyptian female for brutality attack to female protesters by military police, recently. The council promised to arrest people who take responsible of the attack.

Egypt Military Regretted Brutality to Female

Brutality beatings to a female which caused her half-naked in the end of last week has triggered clash for days in Tahrir Square, Cairo, and “A Million Women” parade in the Tuesday.

In the Highest Military Council statement published in their Facebook page, the council asked public to stay calm. The council also declared that they have intention to discuss all suggestion “which probably helped in reaching Egypt stability and security”.

“Highest Council declared deep regret for great Egyptian female about violence happened in recent incident in protest happened in parliament and Ministry Council, also guarantee the honor and appreciation of Egyptian female and their rights in protesting, also active positive-participation in political life,” the statement said.

The statement also added, “All law steps have been taken to ask for responsibility from responsible parties about the violence.”

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