Are Electric Golf Carts the Ultimate Evolution in the Transportation World?

Golf carts are considered to be the new source of transportation and amusement in the presently. Though, they are not much widespread as compared to other automobiles, but, these carts have been experiencing considerable demand progressively across the world since the past few years.

Today, when the common populace usually witnesses traffic as their chief concern, golf carts appear to be the ultimate solution. They are extremely environment-friendly, compact, and can run at the moderate speed.

Laguna Woods Village in Southern California is having an enormous number of gated adults. It is estimated that more than 2,000 of the 18,000 inhabitants there use electric golf carts. Frthermore, electric golf carts witnessed high demand when the gas prices were extremely high in the same region. Additionally, the high focus on environmental awareness also fueled the use of electric golf carts.

Approach by Tesla Motors, Palo Alto California

Tesla Motors, a prominent automaker in America, is now planning to spend in golf carts. Key competitors of Tesla including General Motors, BMW, and, Mercedez-Benz are trying to invest antagonistically on electric golf carts as well. Therefore, Tesla is playing a massive role in renovating the automobile industry by focusing on self-driving and electric vehicles. Instead of buying cars, the huge amount of populace use ride-sharing services, thus, neighborhood electric vehicles are likely to lead the market further.

David Upshaw is the sales manager at Golf cart Service, which is located in Roebuck.

He believes that “You don’t need to be a golfer to enjoy a golf cart’’.

Almost every home in Florida especially the retirement community owns a golf cart. The company also focuses on marketing both novel as well as used electric and gas-powered carts for industrial, individual as well as commercial use.

Indian Golf Carts Market Scenario

In India, the administration is forecasting to recreate almost 50 airports in the coming years, eventually prompting the strong awareness for the golf carts. Airports are observing the high demand for golf carts as they are considered quite safe, effective and are easily accessible while transferring the luggage. Other than the airports, theme parks, with a gigantic number of visitors, considers golf carts the smooth mode of transportation.

Golf carts are progressively being used as a source of marketing and promotion at several places such as housing projects, railway stations, and golf courses. Golf carts are precisely manufactured to accommodate flags and banners along with the billboards depending upon the products and services.

The Indian golf cart market was valued around 37 crores in the year 2015. Owing to its pollution-free set-ups and low operative cost, the nation is projected to witness huge demand over the foreseeable period of 2016 to2024.

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Indian Government considers railway stations as the foremost podium for advertisement activities owing to the huge number of crowd there. Therefore, the demand for golf carts in the railway stations is expected to elevate in the near future. In 2016, railway stations observed the revenue of more than 2 crores owing to the increased advertisement activities implemented by golf carts.

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