Emergency Landing! The giant A380 lost an engine.

An Airbus A380 superjumbo plane with 459 people on board had to emergency land in Singapore due to technical problems encountered in engine shortly after takeoff. It is the first incident of such gravity that appears at the biggest airliner in the world.

Fortunately, the plane returned safely to the ground at Singapore’s Changi airport. Nobody was injured. In contrast, the giant A380 reached about wrinkling. The damaged engine and smoke coming out of the plane were still large chunks loose.
Investigators are talking about a serious crash, but it is not yet known what caused the technical problem.

At 6 minutes after takeoff, one of the four engines exploded. A passenger told to authorities that he heard a loud noise when the plane rose into the air and he saw sparks on the window.

The aircraft flew more than two hours to get rid of kerosene. It was too loaded to land safely. Meanwhile, passengers aboard the giant kept their composure. “The crew helped us very much, I felt that we are in good hands“, says a grateful passenger.

I heard a big explosion at around 9:15am and saw a commercial passenger plane flying low in the distance with smoke on one of its wings“, said a local resident.

The aircraft belongs to the Australian company Qantas and was making a Singapore-Sydney flight.
After the incident, Qantas, one of five airlines that use the Airbus A380, has decided to suspend the flights of their all six aircraft of this type.

The aircraft has four Trent 900 engines built by Rolls-Royce. Company’s representatives said they would work with Qantas to identify the problem.

The Airbus A380 is the biggest aircraft in the world, having a capacity of 800 passengers.