England Prepares Attack to Iran

England Prepares Attack to Iran

England military force is reported to prepare plan to do military action to Iran. It’s revealed after England Ministry of Defense (MoD) was sure that US also prepared the same plan.

MoD is sure that US military party had planned airforce attack targeted to some key facilities in Iran.

MoD Officer said, if US really do attack, England Military force is ready to give support, although there’s still some resistance from England government itself.

England Prepares Attack to Iran

To anticipate potential attack, the England military strategy experts recently checking the best way to mobilize England Kingdom battleships. They also plan to mobilize submarine equipped with Tomahawk exploring missile.

England also assured that US will ask permission to do attack to Iran through England water territorial, Diego Garcia. This island itself once used by US in previous Middle-East conflict.

However the US attack plan can be changed, considering that US President Barack Obama has stated that US would not do military operation to the next November. It’s done following US President Public Election plan.

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