England Women Claimed France Implant Maker

England Women Claimed France Implant Maker

More than 250 England women do law act to a France company after more than half of then faced problem, which is in their breast implant, which made by the France company, broken. It’s said by those women’s lawyer, Wednesday (21/12/2011). The law action was launched in concern about cancer.

England Women Claimed France Implant Maker

All those 250 women are part of 50.000 England women who have done breast implant by poly implant protehese (PIP) material, which now has bankrupt. France health officers have said that government planned to suggest those 30.000 France women who have done implant by PIP material-made, that it’s possible what planted in their breast should be taken after eight cancer case, especially breast cancer reported.

A lawyer represented more than 250 England women said, law process would be started next year. Litigant would claim the clinic which done operation to do breast implant.

“More than half women have experienced situation where the material planted in their breast torn and we also represented other women who worried about report related with many problems and worry that material implanted to them would be torn,” said the lawyer, Esyll Hughes to AFP.

“We have published court summons and we guessed that the incident would begin in Cardiff next year,” said Hughes.

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