Ex- Governor Alaska Now Debuting In a Reality TV Show

Sarah Palin, ex Alaskan Governor, apparently likes doing hiking, fishing, boating, bear watching and spending time with her family, as a trailer of her upcoming reality TV show has been released where she was shown doing all these activities.

Although we have seen her rallying tea party followers and conservatives at political meetings, but the ex. U.S vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor will now be appearing as the main subject of an upcoming eight-part series of TV shows which will be broadcasted from November 14 and onwards.

When asked about it in the trailer of the upcoming TV show, Sarah Palin said that she would rather feel free by doing this reality TV show instead of being a part of some dry political office.

A small clip is depicted in the trailer which shows her enjoying with her husband Todd and a family of five children in the Alaska countryside among natural scenes. The clip shows her as hiking, canoeing down the rivers, watching wild bears teasing each other and trekking over snow filled mountain peaks.

The TV show is planned to be telecast on Channel TLC and is the most recent media venture for her after the times when she was running her campaign all over America for her potential Vice Presidential office and was covered in the news all the times. Earlier before the announcement of this show, she was thought to be running for President of United States in 2012.

Meanwhile she focused on her book-writing and her second book “America by Heart” is anticipated to be published by the end of this November. Her first book “Going Rogue” was one of the best sellers of 2009.

Her daughter Bristol Palin, who is 19 and a single mother, is a speaker for promoting abstinence before marriage. She is also a contestant in a famous TV show named “Dancing with Stars”, while her former boyfriend Levi Johnston is also striving for his impending TV show.