Ex Thailand Prime Minister was investigated


Ex Thailand Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva came to Bangkok Metropolist Police Office, Friday (9/12/2011) afternoon, to have investigation process related with protests-handling of “Red-shirt” community which caused dozens of victims.


The Nation Newspaper reported, police investigated Abhisit related with his role as Prime Minister, who controlled The Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) which was commanded to maintain order when facing “Red-Shirt” protest.

Investigation to the leader of Thailand Democrat party is a part of forensic investigation in 16 people murder case, which was suspected done by security officer.

Meanwhile, outside of the police office, about 12 people stated their protests. They brought posters reads “Killer” and “Whoever gave command to kill should face karma”.

More than 90 people, most of them civilians, died and almost 1.900 people injured in protests held from March to May 2010. Not less from 100.000 red-shirt protesters involved in demonstrations.

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